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Anxiety and your relationship


Love can drive us all a little crazy sometimes. But if you already have an issue with your mental health, the stress of dating/relationships/break-ups can be particularly hard. Add in panic attacks or spells of depression on top of all that?? Yeah, it can be tough.

When I’m not writing books, I work as a journalist and relationship advisor for thesite.org – an advice and information website for young people.

Some of our most popular articles focus  on how mental health impacts your relationships. And, what you can do to help navigate both. Today I’m sharing one that I wish Evie could’ve read – ‘Is Anxiety Affecting Your Relationship?’

Holly x

Image credit: ‘If physical diseases were treated like mental illness…’ by Robot Hugs.

At the YALC Mental Health panel this weekend, I was talking about how we ALL have mental health. Just like we all have physical health. And, if we started to see it more like that, it could help break down the stigma and misunderstanding around mental illness.

To me (and to my MC Evie) one of the biggest problems people with mental illness come across is the idea that they can “pull themselves together”. Like someone would CHOOSE to live in a brain that bullies them and bombards them with unhelpful thoughts.

This cartoon to me sums up perfectly the complete disconnect we have between the sympathy we give people with physical health problems, compared to the sympathy we give people with problems like anxiety and depression.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Holly x

YALC Tips from Jess Heart Books

So it’s nearly here: YALC 2015!

We’re super excited about it all, especially about Holly’s event. She’s appearing on a panel chatting about mental health in YA. So this afternoon, when we saw a feature by YA book blogger Jess Heart Books called ‘YALC Tips for Coping with Anxiety’ pop up on our Twitter feed we just HAD to share it with you. 

Jess suffers from severe anxiety so ahead of YALC she’s put together some advice for others feeling the same way and it’s FANTASTIC. Head over to Jess’s blog to read the feature in full.

And don’t forget, Holly will be at YALC on Sunday at 10:30am talking about all things Mental Health in YA alongside Brian Conaghan, Annabel Pitcher and Matt Whyman.