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The #BestMovieKiss shortlist

You voted. You agonised. You sent me ANGRY tweets about the poll results. And here we have it…the ultimate shortlist of Best Movie Kisses. 



The quarter-finalists:

– Bridget Jones’ Diary 

– Spiderman

– Romeo and Juliet

– Brokeback Mountain

– 10 Things I Hate About You

– Moulin Rouge

– Ron and Hermione in Harry Potter

– A Room With A View

– The Princess Bride

So, where do we go from here?

We’re battling it out again. I’ll upload a new Twitter poll using the #BestMovieKiss hashtag, this time only once a day. It’s sudden death. If the kiss doesn’t win, it’s not through. 

And there’s a twist!

You will realise there is NINE kisses on the shortlist and nine is an odd number. So one vote will be between THREE kisses. 

This will whittle us down to four – the semi-finals. 

Then the biggie – The Final. 

Keep checking out the hashtag to vote, and thanks so much for your enthusiasm and opinions and voting so far. It’s really helping my book research and I LOVE YOU ALL