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Holly Bourne’s Top Writing Tips



Keep a diary

Want to write, but still waiting for that
killer idea? That doesn’t mean you can’t start! Begin by keeping a diary. It’s
a great way to find your voice and to get into the habit of writing every day.
Plus, you may find your daily grind actually has a few story gems in there. I
religiously kept a diary all through my teenhood, and re-read them before I
start writing a new book. They’re the best resource.


You cannot fix a blank page. So, if you’re
too worried everything you write is TERRIBLE to actually…you know…write
anything – just DO IT. Every single author I know thinks what they write is
terrible. But they write anyway. Editing is key to making something read well.
Everyone’s first drafts are awful. But you can’t edit what’s not there – so
write write write.


Read all the time. Dedicate at least the
same amount of time to reading, as you do to writing. Reading IS writing. It helps hone your own
thoughts, your own ideas, your own craft. If you want to be a writer, and yet
you don’t read books…Well then I can’t help you my friend.  

Holly Bourne is the author of Soulmates, The Manifesto on How to Be Interesting and Am I Normal Yet? She’s really awesome. For more of her inimitable wit and wisdom follow her on Twitter @holly_bourneYA. 

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My top 5 tips on writing about mental health

I want teen readers to be able to go into a bookstore and pick up
something that reflects their experience. Considering one in ten young
people experience mental health issues before the age of 15, books
discussing these issues need to be on the shelves. But, if you’re going
to ‘go there’ as an author, it’s vital you get it right.

When I started writing Am I Normal Yet?
it was essential to me to ensure I was covering OCD and Generalised
Anxiety Disorder as sensitively as possible. Striking a balance between
realism, and protecting potentially-vulnerable readers. Here’s what I
learned along the way…

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Holly x