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How Hard Can Love Be? is out TODAY!

So, you know how Amber was always OFF ON ONE in Am I Normal Yet? about the other spinster club girls and their boy troubles? Well, I decided it would be fun if Miss Cynic fell in love. Hard.

I can’t believe How Hard Can Love Be? is out TODAY. I hope you love Amber’s journey as much as I do. Here’s to nice boys who call themselves feminists, Dumbledore’s Army, rainbows, and American roadtrips. See you at Summer Camp!

To celebrate the launch of How Hard Can Love Be? we will be hosting #14DaysofLove – a celebration
of love in all its forms – from first love to friendships to family. Keep an eye out for exclusive videos, competitions and more! Join in with #14daysoflove and #HHCLB.

Introducing: A Boy and a Biscuit



Here at the Usborne YA Shelfie HQ,
there’s nothing we like better than nattering about our favourite
characters while enjoying a biscuit or three. It only seemed logical
therefore that we brighten up Monday afternoons with:


Monday, we will be sharing one of our favourite characters, along with
the biscuit we think they’re most suited to. So, without further ado, I
am very pleased to introduce our first boy, and our first biscuit…

BOY: Noah

BOOK: Soulmates by Holly Bourne

BISCUIT: Jaffa Cake (we are, for the purposes of this post, counting this as a biscuit…)

REASON: When Noah, the mysterious but incredibly attractive guitarist, locks eyes with Poppy at a gig, we fell head-over-heels in love more quickly than you can say “McVitie’s”.

Like Noah, the Jaffa Cake has really nailed the whole “dark and brooding” thing on the outside. But we’re not fooled by that, no. We know both Noah and the Jaffa are full of sweetness and jam on the inside, with hearts of (orangey) gold. Noah is also very dependable but not afraid to show his emotions, which we thought was perfectly matched with the Jaffa’s solid but subtle cake base.

Noah, meet your biscuit match!

And ready yourselves for much more biscuity excellence next Monday when we reveal our next #BoyandaBiscuit…