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Myths about OCD

I think anyone whose experienced OCD wants to throttle people who say, ‘Ooo, I’m soooo OCD’ if they like their bedroom tidy. It’s such a misunderstood condition, and, as a word, has really found it’s way into our lexicons. But we’re using the word wrong! OCD is not just being tidy and clean. The correct words for these personality quirks are… umm…well ‘tidy’ and ‘clean’. They are NOT ‘OCD’.

My MC, Evie, has contamination OCD. Yes, she washes her hands a lot… But part of my desire to write Am I Normal Yet? was to show it’s so much more than this, and to help readers understand what it’s like to live in a brain that never leaves you alone.

I found this Ted video, debunking common myths about OCD, and I wanted to share it with you.

Holly x