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It’s day 2 of #14DaysofLove and we have something very special for you. Here’s a little YouTube treat in the shape of a Quickfire Q&A with Holly. We asked you for your questions and Holly answered them.

We love it – and hope you do too!

YA Blogger series with Jess Hearts Books

Today, we hear from the FAB Jess of Jess Hearts Books fame on ‘normal’, feminism and cheesy snacks:

What is ‘normal’?

I used to think that being ‘normal’ meant having it together, being like everybody else. But everybody has their own struggles that you don’t get to see behind the scenes and so now I think that ‘normal’ means being completely messed up but being brave enough to carry on anyway.

What message did you take away from Am I Normal Yet?

For me it drove home just how tough being a teenage girl is in a society that sends you mixed messages and impossible standards to live up to. It’s a treacherous road to navigate. I’m so happy that there is a book out there that points this out and stands up for girls providing them with feminist main characters that I hope inspire them to speak out against these messages that society sends them.

What does feminism mean to you?

Feminism to me means absolute equality between the sexes. It means busting harmful gender stereotypes that hurt both men and women. It means a movement that benefits everyone.

What other YA novels about mental health would you recommend?

Another incredible YA book I read this year about mental health was All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. If you’re interested in reading another informative YA book about OCD in particular I’d recommend Amy and Matthew by Cammie McGovern.

And finally, what’s your go-to cheesy snack?

Wotsits. It really doesn’t get any better than Wotsits.

Thanks so much Jess for taking part in the #100DaysofNormal YA Blogger series. Read Jess’s review of Am I Normal Yet? over on her blog, Jess Hearts Books, as well as lots of other brilliant reviews and features! Enjoy!

Emma Gannon interviews Holly

We’re big fans of GIRLLOSTINTHECITY.COM, a blog written by journalist
and social media editor Emma Gannon. It covers just about anything from
London life to books and culture.

So we were VERY excited when Emma interviewed Holly as part of her new author series (the first author to be featured was none other than Rainbow Rowell!)

Read Emma’s interview with Holly over at GIRLLOSTINTHECITY.COM. Enjoy!

TheSite takeover Q&A


As part of TheSite takeover, we asked you to submit your questions for Holly. Thank you to everyone who send one in!

TheSite have chosen some of their favourites and Holly has answered them, plus 3 lucky people will win a limited edition copy of Am I Normal Yet?

Head over to the TheSite to see the Q&A in full! Winners will be announced shortly.

Have a great weekend everyone!

#100DaysofNormal YA Blogger series with The Mile Long Bookshelf

Today sees the start of our #100DaysofNormal YA Blogger series and we are SUPER excited about it. We’ve talked to some brilliant YA book bloggers and asked them 5 BIG questions inspired by some of the themes in Am I Normal Yet?

Today we hear from the very lovely Amber who runs the Mile Long Bookshelf blog and vlog:

What is ‘normal’?
I’ve always thought ‘normal’ to be a lie. Everyone is different, and it’s not like we’re given a manual at birth on how to be normal. No, we’re left to be our own person and to develop our own tastes. Everyone is so different that I don’t think ‘normal’ can even exist.

What message did you take away from Am I Normal Yet?
So many! This book really is a goldmine. I think the main message I took away from the book is that the more open we are about things seen as ‘taboo’, the better. It’s okay to talk about your problems, whether the problem is that you’re seriously falling behind at school or you’re struggling with your mental health. Anyone who mocks you for it isn’t really your friend. And it’s okay to be open about feminism. If you’re given the opportunity to dent a stigma, throw massive rocks at it until the stigma has become a heap of junk on the floor.

What does feminism mean to you?
Equality for all genders, always.

What other YA novels about mental health would you recommend?
Am I Normal Yet? is the best book I’ve read about mental health. The next one on my list is Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella. It’s about a fourteen-year-old girl who has social anxiety, like me, and whilst it gives a really good glimpse into that life and how it’s dealt with, it’s also really funny – much like this book!

And finally, what’s your go-to cheesy snack?
Pizza dotted with juicy tomatoes and dripping with cheese. Is that a snack or a meal? Pizza is life, that’s what it is. (I also like cheesy Doritos.)

Thanks SO much for taking part in our #100DayofNormal blogger series, Amber!

Make sure you head over to Amber’s blog, The Mile Long Bookshelf for fantastic features and reviews. We especially love her ‘How I Deal with Anxiety and Panic Attacks’ post (which we featured for #100DaysofNormal earlier this week!).

The #100DaysofNormal Blogger series will be back on Saturday 15th August when we’ll hear from the brilliant Jo at Once Upon a Bookcase. Don’t miss it!

#TBT Q&A with PaperTrailYA

Hello Day 18 of #100DaysofNormal! On this gorgeous June day, we’re throwing back to a brill Q&A Holly did with PaperTrailYA blog earlier this month. Here’s a teeny-tiny taster:

‘Hi, Holly! Thank you
so much for taking the time out of your schedule to chat with us today.
How does it feel to be bringing out your third novel Am I Normal Yet?

so excited and yet SO terrified at the same time. This book is like my
Horcrux, and I really hope everyone loves it as dearly as I do. What’s
so exciting is it’s the first in a trilogy. I’m loving getting to stay
with the same bunch of characters for three books, after writing two

Read the interview in full at http://bit.ly/1QFmPWB.