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What it’s about

So I was very, hugely chuffed when my close friends, Ruth and Dave, asked me to write something for their wedding. I was also VERY TERRIFIED, as anyone who has read my books knows, I’m not necessarily the most romantic person. But this is what I wrote…it took longer to write than a whole book. And people have asked me share it. So here it is. And congratulations to Ruth and Dave!

                                          What it’s about

And they’ll be mornings when

you turn over in bed,

See their still-sleeping face

creased into the pillow

and think,

Oh no, they’ve
dribbled again.

And they’ll be fights

at the bus stop –

Neither of you really knowing

what it’s about, only

that you’re SO ANGRY.

And there will be mundane grocery shops

Tiffs over the washing up

Hangovers you take out on each other

Toenail clippings where they shouldn’t be

Bad days

And loaded silences,

and quarrels over the remote.

All the everyday fabric

of human life

with this person

this one whole person.

Just them…

But there will also be

those times

you hold your face to their chest,

hear their heart beat,

and know only you get to hear this.

And those moments

when they hold you, and

you know everything is going to be OK.

They’ll be the warmth of their body

The way they smile

Your own secrets and in-jokes

Your own shared world

That you both constructed from scratch.

And you’ll find that you miss them

when they go away,

Even when you can rely on

them always coming home again.

Times when you look over at them

in the car

And think so clearly

How lucky you are.

They’ll be the clasp of their hand when you’re sick

Them knowing what’s best for you

before you do.

And giggles

and tears

…both the good and the bad kind.

But you cry them together.

And adventures,

And security.

And exciting times,

And nights just on the sofa.

And You

And Them.

And Them

And You.


Forever together.

You are not alone on this earth anymore.

Because this person,

This perfect and imperfect person,

loves you.

Just you.

And that

…that is what it’s about.

By Holly Bourne