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Happy International Kissing Day!

Am I Normal Yet? has college crushes and first date disasters, but for  International Kissing Day we wanted a good dose of earth-shattering love and romance! So we’ve re-visited Holly’s debut novel Soulmates for a little bit of kissing action. You’re welcome!

“So,” he said, “do you still not believe in love?”
I sighed, not wanting to admit I felt I could fall for him; that I’d already fallen for him, like a stupid lovesick puppy with no self-control.
“Is that why you brought me here, to the romantic lights of suburbia?” I said, my voice sarcastic to cover my emotion. “To make a convert out of me?”
Noah cupped my face in his hands as he leaned into me. My body went into sensory overload and I almost drowned in how good it felt.
“Actually,” he murmured. “I brought you here to do this.”
He dipped his face towards mine and our lips finally met. He kissed me slowly, tentatively. I closed my eyes, ran my fingers through his soft hair, and kissed him back. He tasted how he smelled, like apples. The world dissolved. It was just us. Our mouths. Our bodies. His hands moved down my back and I shivered. He gently pulled me closer to him. Every atom of my body was tingling.
After what seemed like no time at all – but at the same time must have been ages – we broke apart.
My eyes fluttered open, my head still spinning, and to my surprise I was greeted by complete darkness.
“Noah. I’ve gone blind,” I said, opening and shutting my eyes to see if there was any difference. A different type of chill ran down my spine and my euphoric high was replaced with dread. I looked around me but there was only black.
The landscape of lights beneath us had disappeared. My heart started thumping.
Noah broke the tension by laughing. “You’re not blind, you drama queen. There’s obviously been some kind of power cut. Look, I’m waving. You must be able to see me in the moonlight.”
I looked towards the direction of his voice, and yes, I could see a vague outline of his head. Relief found me.
“Hang on,” Noah’s voice said. His form started getting clearer as my eyes adjusted to the dark. “I’ll get my phone out and we can use that for light.”
I heard him shuffling in his pockets and kept blinking.
“I should eat more carrots,” I muttered absent-mindedly.
“What’s that?”

Happy International Kissing Day everyone! For more Poppy and Noah (and many more steamy smooches), get your hands on a copy of Soulmates! What are you waiting for?