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10 Things You Didn’t Know about Holly Bourne


Here at usbornepublishing towers we’ve put our heads together and gathered up10 facts that you MAY or MAY NOT know about the lovely Holly Bourne:

  1. Holly’s Grandfather, Larz Bourne, was a famous animator and created the Deputy Dawg series.
  2. She has an irrational phobia of buttons and can’t wear them. Ever. Or get close to people wearing them. Buying a winter coat is therefore always a nightmare
  3. Holly once fainted at a Bryan Adams concert. When she came round backstage, the first thing the medic said to her, was: “Bryan Adams? Really?
  4. She was once shortlisted as ‘Best Sexual Health Journalist of the Year"
  5. For Holly’s Journalism dissertation, she went undercover as a mistress on an infidelity website to see why men cheat on their wives. This process won her a writing award, but also damaged her belief in relationships for a good couple of years.
  6. She’s a reluctant Ravenclaw. “I’M NOT A RAVENCLAW, THE HAT IS BROKEN,” she yelled, when she was sorted on Pottermore. Later that week, she had to sort through old stuff at her parents house and found her school exercise books. In them, she had written, after several homework assignments: “I didn’t find this homework challenging enough, so I’ve done some extra…” … The hat never lies.
  7. Her life philosophy is stolen from the Bill & Ted movie. Be excellent to each other”.
  8. She once almost broke the door of the Great Hall off it’s hinges on a VIP trip to the Harry Potter tour by slamming through it and screaming, “There’s a troll in the dungeon”. She had to convince seven security men she was allowed to stay on the rest of the tour.  There’s video evidence here.
  9. She dropped out of Art College after a class assignment to do a five minute presentation on the “beauty of a Magic 8 ball”.
  10. Holly writes almost all her books on her daily commute into London.