Author: Joanna Olney

Normality is overrated


Amy and Hannah here from Usborne – hello! We’ve hijacked Holly’s Tumblr for Day 2 of #100DaysofNormal because we want to tell you a little bit more about her amazing new novel Am I Normal Yet?, which is out on 1st August. 

We asked the very lovely Holly to sum up the book for us in just 3 words:

                                 ‘NORMALITY. IS. OVERRATED

We completely agree! Holly’s main character, Evie, has OCD – she feels as if she is failing at being a teenager, let alone being ‘normal’.

Evie’s just come off her meds and is dipping her toe into the pool of man folk at college. But relationships can mess with anyone’s head – something Evie’s new friends Amber and Lottie know only too well (don’t we all!). The trouble is, if Evie won’t tell them her secrets, how can they stop her making a huge mistake?

OCD, feminism, bad boyfriends, and the importance of cheesy snacks – it’s all there in this wise, heartbreaking and funny novel.

And there’s more! If you didn’t already know, Am I Normal Yet? is the first in a trilogy – hooray! Yes – 3 books from Holly, so we asked her to give us a sneak peek at what to expect:

The trilogy centres around the friendship of three girls – Evie, Amber, and Lottie – and their grassroots feminism group. In book two, Amber spends the summer in an American summer camp to try and rebuild her estranged relationship with her mother. Expect road trips, prom kings with hidden depth, female chauvinist pigs (evil cheerleaders) and lots of tears. And, in the final book, Lottie takes on the ENTIRE PATRIARCHY in a one-girl campaign, calling out every instance of sexism she sees for an entire month. Imagine “Yes Man” for feminism, then add cheesy snacks and a totally inappropriate crush.  I cannot WAIT for you to fall in love with these girls as hard as I have.

We’re off to meet Holly now to do some top-secret #100DaysofNormal stuff. It’s VERY EXCITING but we couldn’t possibly tell you what it is until tomorrow!

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Hello, and welcome to my shiny new Tumblr! I am so happy you’re here. Sit down and have a cheesy snack.

What is #100DaysOfNormal?

In the lead-up to the publication of Am I Normal Yet? we’re going to spend 100 ROTATIONS OF THE EARTH chatting here about the book, the trilogy, and all the things that inspired it. Aforementioned cheesy snacks will be a big part of this. Mainly this is a big celebration of trying to be normal, realising you’re not-normal, and totally partying about that.

How will it work?

I’ll be posting something related to the book here EVERY DAY, along with Amy and Hannah from Usborne. There will also be chats and discussions over on Twitter and Facey B. You are so very welcome to come in and join the fun.

Will I learn anything?

You might! At least once a week I’ll be super-gluing some leather bits to my elbows and talking about some of the SERIOUS BITS in Am I Normal Yet? and why I chose to write them. I’ll also be talking a bit about my job as a journalist and relationship expert at youth charity, and how it shapes my books. Topics I’m going to chat about are:
Mental Health (my MC Evie is recovering from OCD)
F to the E to the M to the I to the N to the ISM! This trilogy of books follows a group of girls setting up their own grassroots feminist group, and I’ll be getting my rant on occasionally.
Friendship – because it’s the most important thing EVER
Relationships and love – I answer young people’s relationship questions over at TheSite. Something that has given me (limited) wisdom on all stuff love-related.

And how about FUN stuff?

There will be ample amounts of it. In fact, there is likely to be a 80:20 Fun:Important-stuff ratio. This is like the 5:2 diet of book campaigns. There’s going to be giveaways, quizzes, polls, events you can bring your actual human body to, and lots and lots of cheesy snacks.

So how do I get involved?

Follow my Tumblr to get all the #100DaysofNormal news straight into your newsfeed. And I want to hear from you – so be sure to like, comment on and share anything you love! Or if there’s something you want to hear about, let us know!

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And be sure to come back tomorrow to hear more about Am I Normal Yet? and and I have a super special announcement on Wednesday that you won’t want to miss.

Holly x