What’s a Girl Gotta Do…to make a book?

POSTED ON 23/09/16


Being one of the first people to read a brand-new Holly
Bourne book is, quite frankly, one of the best parts of my job. Getting drawn
back into Amber, Evie and Lottie’s lives is like gossiping with old friends.
What have they been up to? Any new disasters or triumphs? Any new crushes?

In October 2015, the first draft of Lottie’s story landed in
our inboxes here at Usborne towers and the anticipation was electric. But what
happens between first draft and publication date? Ten months might seem like a
long time, but there are plenty of stages we work through to make sure everything’s

Stage 1: the edit
We editors read the manuscript (which was – as you’d expect – awesome from the start!) and then consulted closely with Holly, tossing around suggestions and ideas – and flagging our favourite bits (as you can see below)…


We repeated this process over the next few months with the second edit (January) and the third (March) until it was time for…

Stage 2: the copyedit (April)
The edited manuscript was given to copyeditor Hannah to make sure there were no inconsistencies left in the text and note if there were any elements for our designer to look out for.


Stage 3: design (May)
Our brilliant designer Sarah transformed the Word document into actual page proofs (this is the stage when a manuscript starts to look like a real book) – in time for us to send them out for…

Stage 4: the proofread (May)
Two proofreaders read the page proofs to check for any last

spelling errors etc…


…before we made our final checks and sent the book to production in June:


Finished copies arrived in July – here’s Holly signing some (*hand cramp*):


And the book officially hit the shops on 1st August – woohoo!


Ta dah! So now you know.