Heroines come in all shapes and sizes, right?

POSTED ON 26/01/16


Editorial director Rebecca Hill has finally found a heroine to identify with in How Hard Can Love Be?…

Ball and hoop shooting wasn’t really a thing in 1980s Essex, but if it had been then my chosen career should have been to play basketball. Yes, I’m one of those gangly girls, who were always told as a child to “stop stooping”. That feeling of towering over most of my classmates, including a lot of “hot” boys, has never left me, and nowadays I rarely buy shoes that have a heel for fear of looking like the Incredible Hulk. Fear, I guess, of not being a “proper girl”.

Yes, I know, Cognitive Dissonance. Where’s Lottie when you need her?

But here’s the thing: heroines are often presented with “heart-shaped” faces, or “snub” noses, and they nearly always have “normal” height traits. Traits that mark them out as “beautiful”. What my 5ft 10″ teen self really wanted was a heroine like me – tall… Someone who was real and relatable…

At last, then, I have a tall heroine. She’s scrunched up in a tiny airplane seat and hungover when we first meet, but Holly Bourne shows that heroines come in all shapes and sizes and some of them are tall. And, do you know what, that’s okay. More than okay, that’s just normal. So let me introduce you to that heroine. Her name is Amber:


Find out where Amber’s journey takes her in How Hard Can Love Be?  Out 1st February.