Everybody LOVES Holly Bourne!

POSTED ON 26/01/16


With just one week to go before publication of Holly Bourne’s How Hard Can Love Be? we thought we’d share this rather lovely email we received from Minna Watson, a buyer at Magrudy’s bookshop in Dubai

We sent her Am I Normal Yet? and How Hard Can Love
to read. She sent us the following email…

“Well, Holly Bourne has a lot to answer for in the Watson household… She is solely responsible for my children eating cheese and beans on toast last night as I couldn’t put her books down
to prepare dinner :). Also for the dark circles under my eyes as I read
through the night….and am now in deep depression as the books are finished
and I have to let Evie and Amber live their lives without my involvement
🙁   (When oh when can I immerse myself in Lottie’s life??!!!  –
Please Holly put me out of my misery!!!!)

Am I Normal Yet? struck a personal note
as I have a niece with OCD and it is a terrifying illness that affects not just
the person who has it, but everyone around them. It is not a funny
illness, but Holly still manages to make you laugh out loud whilst really
feeling for Evie who just wants to be ‘normal’ (whatever that means!). It
is hard enough being a teenage girl with boys and friendships to
deal with without suffering a mental illness on top! I completely fell in
love with Evie and am pretty sure we have dated the same guys :). Thank
Goodness for Lottie and Amber; girls, don’t we all just long to be in The
Spinster Club? I know I do!!!! This book has such positive messages for young women and I will be making sure my daughter reads it!

How Hard Can Love Be? Well, very
hard is what every woman will cry (and probably most men) but how wonderful is
it too! Once again, Holly has made me fall in love with all of her
characters. My heart is broken for Amber who just wants her Mum to make
HER the priority in her life and not bumchin Kevin (what a wonderful image that
evokes!). If only her Dad could notice her, instead of her
(terrifyingly) awful step brother (Damien incarnate!). This book is
with depth and I absolutely loved it. How can you not love a
Winnie-the-Pooh-Tao enthusiast? Or Russ (who made me remember why I am always
going to be in Team Jacob!)? And don’t even get me started with Kyle… I am completely
besotted with him :). He is so right – we do always love the bad guy, so how
hard must it be to be the good guy? 🙂

Girl power has a new voice, and Holly, we
just want to hear more of it :).”

*hugs and squeals* Thank you so, SO, much, Minna, for your gorgeous email. If you love Holly Bourne too, please tell us – and let’s spread the love!