Exclusive How Hard Can Love Be? proofs are IN

POSTED ON 17/10/15


Hang on a second….


Look, just LOOK at what arrived today!! 

It’s only one of the special limited-edition proofs of HOW HARD CAN LOVE BE? with its exclusive anti-Valentine’s Day DOUBLE FRONT COVER?! 

These should be tumbling their way out of the Usborne office into the hands of lucky bloggers and reviewers and competition winners soon! Keep an eye out on my Twitter if you want to get your hands on one. But, if you can’t get one, FRET NOT. Because these proofs won’t have AMBER’S ARTWORK inside, starting each chapter. The finished copies will. I’ve had a sneaky peek at the artwork and it is STONKINGLY beautiful. Plus, the first print-run is going to have exclusive content too. So there is SO MUCH to look forward to which is why I am so CAPS-LOCK this morning. 

Here’s a peek at the inside cover of the DOUBLE FRONT COVER…