Introducing Usborne Fiction Editorial Director, Rebecca Hill

POSTED ON 18/09/15



I’m Rebecca
Hill and I’m Fiction Editorial Director at Usborne. I’m a bookish girl whose
defining life moment was being escorted from the children’s department of my
local library, past the librarian’s desk,
into the adult section covering “B” and being handed Judy Blume’s Forever. My
future was shaped.

Flash forward to today, and my
whole day involves books in some shape or form.
This can be anything from reading
manuscripts to finding our next acquisition, editing early drafts, discussing
projects with authors, seeing how designers are bringing book covers to life,
glimpsing first rough illustrations, talking to Marketing
and Publicity about how we can make sure our
books are found by the public, and meeting
booksellers who are as passionate as us about making sure good books find the
right home. The other fascinating part of my job is the business side of books:
printing costs, sales and contracts will
inevitably form some part of my day. And then, of course, there are my emails…

But, if I had to sum up my day –
or what I do – in a sentence, I’d say that my job is mostly about trusting my
instinct. About knowing what makes a good book – a book that I believe will
make readers want to drop everything to read it. And having children myself
now, seeing them pick up a book, turn the page, enjoy each word, each image,
has made me realize just how big my debt is to Judy Blume and to that
librarian all those years ago. They knew exactly when and what to feed my
imagination, and I couldn’t be happier about where it has taken me.

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