Early reader reviews!

POSTED ON 13/07/15

As publication draws ever closer, we’re so excited to share the latest reviews of Am I Normal Yet?.

Our friends at LoveReading4Kids have a panel of amazing YA reviewers who read and review the latest and best books out there. We sent them early copies of Am I Normal Yet? and here’s what they thought:

‘I really enjoy the tone
and voice of the book. It is able to talk about the serious topic of OCD
while still being humorous. It is a perfect mix of informative and
– Charlotte, age 14

‘Teens are extremely lucky to have
this book available to them and I hope it reaches the widest possible
audience. An essential and vital book for teens today.
’ – Jade

‘This was a great book
which had a gripping storyline as well as featuring important themes
such as feminism. It was very interesting and included relatable
– Chloe, age 15

‘It was a real heart
wrenching book and I recommend every single teenage girl and boy read
it. I couldn’t put it down, a truly  inspiring book. A massive 5
– Rose, age 16  

‘One of the most real and
honest accounts of teenage life in a fiction book I have ever read. It
was interesting, exciting, sad, and to top it all off it really made me
– Lauren, age 15  

‘It was a real eye opener,
especially when paired with the issues of feminism and how it is
perceived. A definite recommendation for all of those wishing to read
between the lines.’
– Delilah 

Thank you to all of you!